How Much CBD Should I take?

It is not always easy to determine which concentration CBD you should choose. That is very normal, and it depends on your personal situation and preferences.

Dosing CBD: What you need to know.

How much CBD you should take depends on many different factors which we will explain here, but there are two important principles that you need to start from:

1. Choose a brand you can trust

It is very important to choose a CBD brand that you trust. You need to know precisely what you are taking and that the concentration that is indicated is indeed in the tincture. You need to check that the products you choose are free from unwanted additives and chemicals. You can check all these details on our Certificate of Analysis that you can look up via the QR code on all Vitra products.

2. Start with a low dose and built up slowly

The potential and benefits of CBD depend greatly on the interaction between your body and CBD. This is explained in detail on our Science page. So, you need to listen to your body to see which concentration works best for you and by starting on a low dosage and slowly building up you can better determine the ideal dosage for your specific situation. Regarding limits, we consider 160 mg CBD oil the maximum daily dosage.

3. What factors influence CBD dosage?

The above two principles are anyone’s dosage starting point. We can look at what other additional factors should be taken into consideration. Consider these guidelines more than specific rules.

4. Sex

As you will be able to see on our Science page the effect of CBD and other cannabinoids varies somewhat per sex.

5. Length and weight

The taller and heavier you are the more CBD you require to obtain a similar effect.

6. Age

The metabolism of older people is slower than the metabolism of younger people. This results in CBD reaching the various receptors slower in older people than in in younger. In case you are older give your body some time (minimum two to three weeks) to adapt to CBD, in case you are younger you may need dosages more frequently.

7. Experience with CBD

This is the final important factor when determining CBD dosage. In case you are new to CBD we recommend that you start with a low concentration and to take CBD only once or twice per day.

As you gain experience on the effect that CBD has on your body you may increase the dosage to your personal ideal level.

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